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Deutsch Eddy Sterckx


Eddy Sterckx.

Date of Birth:





Owner of Eddy Streckx Diepvriesboilies.

Favorite Bait:

Red Devil Range.

Favorite Rig:

Combi Rig.

Favorite Waters:

Berkenwater & Great Lake.

Personal Record Belgium:

36,1 kg.

Personal Record Abroad:

25,1 kg.

Information Eddy Sterckx:
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I am Eddy Sterckx and I’m privileged my hobby has become my profession. As the owner of Eddy Sterckx Diepvriesboilies I am responsible for the distribution of the Pro Line products in Belgium. I have also in conjunction with Pro Line developed a complete bait range that I sell exclusively. A bait range based on 26 years of experience as a carp angler.

In the 26 years I have learned that a good bait should not only consist of many different ingredients. It must be especially fresh; healthy in proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins for the carp to accept (too much of something is just useless). Freshness is my thing a great advantage for Pro Line as they are indeed becoming one of the largest bait companies in Europe. Because of the large turnover, weekly fresh ingredients are delivered to the factory ingredients that nobody else can use which gives us an advantage over our competitors. This ensures that we can distinguish ourselves from the crowd by the good and healthy bait we offer.

Today, a wide range of carp bait, offering a good and healthy bait is becoming increasingly important, because the carp have already learned that this is important for them. Benefits of using Pro Line are that the bait contains no eggs something the carp certainly appreciated. The combination of Pro Line and my experience as a carp angler on waters like the Campine Canal, connecting canal, Albert Canal, the Paalse Lake, Birch Water, Long Zille, the Geel City Pond and many French waters proved a very fruitful partnership. Since then we have developed many types of boilies, the Red Devil Range is surely the most famous and successful.

If you are interested in one of my baits or just want more information, come along to my new collection warehouse in Geel. Where all the Pro Line products are exhibited. Look at: www.diepvriesboilies.be for more information.

Tight Lines!

Eddy Sterckx