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Stringer Needle

The Heavy Boilie Needle is ideal for boilies and other harder hookbaits. This needle is heavier than some other needles on the market and can be used for different purposes.

Heavy Boilie Needle

The Stringer Needle is used to tread a number of boilies onto a PVA string. This needle is also used for attaching a "PVA-Stick" onto your rig. In short the Stringer Needle is a product that should not be missing in your Tackle Box.

Stringer Needle

This Splicing Needle is ideal for a splicing a loop or a swivel onto your leadcore or for threading the mainline trough the leadcore. Besides that it’s often used for smaller softer hookbaits.

Splicing Needle

The Barbed Boilie Needle is often used for attaching hard particles such as; Maize, Tigernuts and Peanuts. But the Barbed Boilie Needle is also great for attaching hard and air-dried hookbaits onto your hair.

Barbed Boilie Needle

The name says all, the Snowman Needle is long enough to hold two 20mm boilies and sliding them directly on the hair. So no more hassle by sliding them on one by one. Equipped with a sharp point, you’ll easily push it through the bait only making a small hole in the Pop-Up. This ensures the buoyancy of the Snowman presentation is retained longer.

Snowman Needle